A warm welcome to all my readers!

Greetings fellow travelers and welcome to my blog! :D

This page will provide a brief introduction about myself and the reason for setting up this blog: I am Claire, in my early thirties and happily married to a wonderful man. I am currently taking a break from work and have been accompanying my husband for business in Europe for a good couple of years. This trip has certainly opened up many opportunities to travel to a lot of different and interesting places within Europe, which in turn fueled my passion for travelling.

Now that this Europe trip is coming to an end, I have decided to start up this blog to document the insights and thoughts on my travelling journey that I have accumulated thus far. By doing so, I hope to be able to exchange interesting insights with other like-minded travelers from all over the world. On a personal level, I hope this blog would be able to help me cultivate the habit of reflecting on each and every one of my travels worldwide in the future as well! 

Hope that you will enjoy my posts and if you would like to share your own travelling experience with me or have any thoughts about my posts, you can always contact me at dream2travel8@gmail.com! :)

Let the journey begin...!